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Suite 211 @ Barbican – £595 PER WORKSTATION
Suite 211 @ Barbican – £595 PER WORKSTATION
Suite 406 @ Royal Exchange – 2 Months RENT FREE
Suite 406 @ Royal Exchange – 2 Months RENT FREE
Suite 12.05 @ Paddington
Suite 12.05 @ Paddington

Cloud Storage

Secure your business data now with our Cloud Backup for your desktop and laptop PCs. Exclusively for BE Clients.

Business Environment has partnered with 4sl Group to bring you Cloud Backup for your business’s desktop and laptop PCs.

What does it cost?

The first 20GB per Company is inclusive; please email for pricing above this. There’s no setup cost.

How long am I tied in for?

You can terminate the service by giving one calendar month’s notice. If you are incurring charges, you only pay up to the end of the notice period.

How does it work?

Signing up is incredibly simple, just follow these steps:

1. Nominate an administrator for your business and get them to sign up using ‘subscribe’ link below
2. Your administrator provides the email addresses of your staff and their PC IDs
3. Your staff receive a link to download our automated backup software – it works on Windows and Mac
4. Once they’ve installed the software, the backup process begins in the background. For laptop users who aren’t always connected to a network, the process will take place when the software detects an opportunity.

That’s it! You’ll get a monthly report showing how much data is being backed up for each user.

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Call 0207 959 6030 |


What gets backed up?

Everything on your machine except system and other files that are open and folders such as iTunes, music, pictures and videos. If your business uses these data types, you can add them to the backup process using the Web Console.
Locally attached storage devices such as memory sticks also get backed up, but not network drives.

How long does the initial backup take?

It depends on data types, network speeds and how well the software is able to compress (‘de-duplicate’) the data. The table below shows indicative durations:

Back up durations

Want to find out what your upload speed is? Try

Subsequent backups are much quicker because the software only needs to back up the changes you’ve made.

How do we restore data?

It’s a self-service process using our Web Console.

What happens if someone loses their laptop?

Once they have a replacement machine with an operating system installed, raise a call with the BE First Service Desk and they will be assisted to restore their data onto their new computer.

How long is our data stored for?

At any time, you can restore data up to 90 days old.

Can I extend the retention period?

Yes, your company can. Ask your administrator to contact the BE First Service Desk.

How do we add new users or remove people from the service?

Your administrator will have full control over your account.

How do I know my data is safe?

4sl provides backup and recovery services to several FTSE100, Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies. Our datacentres are Tier 4 facilities, offering the highest industry standards for security and resilience, and all data are encrypted before transmission between your network and the internet.

Where is our data held?

4sl’s datacentres are in London and Amsterdam.

What happens if infected files are backed up?

You should be running anti-virus software to protect your computer by default; the backup process doesn’t disinfect files. If an infected file is backed up and you later restore it, it will come back that way.

How often does my data get backed up?

Every 48 hours, as long as your computer is on mains power and connected to the internet. If not, the backup will try to run after 72 hours regardless. You don’t need to remember to do anything – it all happens automatically.

What happens if we move out of Business Environment’s offices?

The service continues seamlessly as long as you’ve got an internet connection, we will apply a nominal fee.

How long am I tied in for?

Your company can terminate the service at any time. Your administrator will need to do this.

Interested in cloud backup for your servers?

Email: | Call us: 0207 959 6030

BE Cloud Storage in partnership with 4sl